Time to Travel

This speech is about the tradition of the Prophet (PBUH) when he used to travel. Since this time when people travel, I thought of sharing his tradition with the Friday gathering.

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In the following few points we will go through a list of traditions prophet Muhammad used to do.

Planning your trip

1- Istikharah. The prophet (PBUH) used to ask Allah Ta’ala for guidance, a process called Istikhara (asking for guidance). The way you do this is to make 2 Rak3at of Salah other than the mandatory Salah and pray using the following prayer: “O Allah, I consult You as You are All-Knowing and I appeal to You to give me power as You are Omnipotent, I ask You for Your great favor, for You have power and I do not, and You know all of the hidden matters . O Allah! If you know that this matter (then he should mention it) is good for me in my religion, my livelihood, and for my life in the Hereafter, (or he said: ‘for my present and future life,’) then make it (easy) for me. And if you know that this matter is not good for me in my religion, my livelihood and my life in the Hereafter, (or he said: ‘for my present and future life,’) then keep it away from me and take me away from it and choose what is good for me wherever it is and please me with it.

2- Time to leave. The prophet used to Choose the best time to go out. He used to choose early morning and rarely start his trip other than Thursday.

3- Choosing company. Traveling alone is not recommended. As a matter of fact the prophet discouraged it a lot. He encouraged people to travel in groups of three and up. He also recommended that travelers should choose a leader from among themselves to lead the group in the trip.

4- Asking for forgiveness and repenting to Allah before you leave

5- Delivering any trusts to people if any

6- Saying good bye to the family and friends. The prophet used to say to those whom he leaves behind when he leaves: “We leave you as a trust with Allah, the one whose trusts are never wasted.” He also used to make Doaa for those who travel telling them, “May Allah provide you with piety, forgive your sins, and guide you to the good wherever you are.

7- Asking the traveler to pray for you. The prophet used to ask the traveler to pray for him and he mentioned that the prayer of the traveler will not be declined.

Starting the Trip

8- What you say when you ride. When the prophet (PBUH) rides on his ride, he says, “Glory to Him Who has subjected this to us, and we could never have it (by our efforts). And verily, to Our Rubb we indeed are to return!

9- Supplication when you start the trip.O Allah, we ask You during this journey of ours for righteousness, piety and such deeds as are pleasing to You. O Allah, make easy for us this journey of ours and make the distance short for us. O Allah, You are our Companion during the journey and the Guardian of the family and the property in our absence. O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the hardships of travelling, unhappiness connected with ghastly scenes and evil turns in property and family.

10- Making Supplication during traveling as it is not declined.

11- Remembering Allah and mentioning Him during the trip. The prophet advised his companions to say “Allahu Akbar,” every time they are going up hill and “Subhana Allah,” every time they are going down.

Arriving at your destination

12- What you say when you arrive. The prophet used to say when he enters a village, “O Allah, I ask you from the good of this village and the good of its people and I seek refuge by you from the evil of this village and the evil of its people.

Coming back home

13- When coming back, the prophet used to do the same thing for the departing trip and he adds, “To our Lord we continuously return, to Him we continuously repent, to Him we are in continuous obedience.

Arriving at the home town

14- When you see your home town, you should say, “O Allah, make me dwell in it in good and provide from me a blessed provision.

15- Start by 2 Rak3at in the Masjid if you can.

16- Do not surprise your family. The prophet used to inform them that he is coming and he would never arrive at night in surprise.


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