Psychological Projection

Since I am no authority in psychology, I refer you to read about this here. But in brief, psychological projection is a defense mechanism by which people deny their own ill thoughts and behaviour by blaming it on others. It is amazing to know that this is happening all the time. Pharaoh accused Moses of “declaring mischief on earth.” Moses? Allah’s prophet is the one who is going to declare mischief on earth? How about you Pharaoh? Calling people to Allah? 🙂

You will find it all over around you. People accuse one another of things they personally suffer from: “She is not sincere to me,” “He did this because of his ill heart,” or “No one loves me.” How often you heard some people saying, “Muslims do not accept to live with others who hold different ideas or embrace different religion.” That is projection.

Those who keep blaming Muslims of not accepting others ARE the ones who do not accept Muslims who proved time after another throughout their teachings and their history that they can live sincerely and willingly with others and bring to their communities what is best for them.

Just a little hint to the reader. If you find yourself accusing others with things that they do, examine your heart. You might be a victim of psychological projection.

Wallahu A3lam


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