Should I Keep Remembering My Sins?

That is a very typical question for those who repent. Should I remember my sins and keep recalling them? Should I just more forward and forget about them? What is the best thing to do?

Scholars of the heart disagreed on that. Some said that remembering the sins is very useful in maintaining repentance while others said that it does not. The nicest opinion I read is the one of Ibm al-Qaiyem’s. He said that the answer varies from a person to another and from a situation to another. If remembering the sin is going to produce a feeling of humlity before Allah and a sense of regret, then it is better for you to keep remembering your sins all the time. But sometimes, being in a state of obedience generates a strong set of emotion of loving Allah, relying on him, feeling his company, etc. feelings that will not stay as beautiful if you keep remembering your sins and your history of disobedience.

I personally will keep remembering my mistakes and sins to maintain my repentance and I will completely forget about them only when I develop these beautiful feelings, something I long for. Ya Rabb


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