The first thing humanity learned

We know from the Quraan that Allah taught Adam, the first human being, so many things. However, he probably learned that before coming down to the earth. The very first thing he learned when he descended on earth is how to repent. Allah, our creator, knows that we are weak and we will be doing mistakes. Therefore how to repent was a basic knowledge that we needed to learn. Imagine yourself in place of Adam being alone on this earth, not even with his wife since she descended in a different place, knowing that you made a mistake by disobeying Allah and eating from the forbidden tree, and having no clue what to do to get out of this. I think it wasn’t that fact that Adam lost his place in paradise. I believe it wasn’t the loss of the joy and pleasure he had there. It was mainly, from my perspective, the regret that Adam knew that he is no longer the obedient servant of his lord. Allah told him explicitly, “You disobeyed Me.” Adam has no one to ask, no one to seek an advice from, and not a wife to give him comfort. In the middle of this confusion, and after learning the lesson Allah wanted us to learn, Allah showed him how to come back. That is, how to repent. While in the deep feeling for regret, Allah taught him a few words and when he learned them and said them, Allah was pleased to accept him back as an obedient, repented servant.
We must learn how to repent. We must learn how to come back. We must teach our brothers and sisters how to do that. Yet more important than learning how to repent is to repent! More important than to teach people how to repent is to help them to repent. May Allah make us from those who always repent to Him and get accepted!

To be continued …


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