How to see Allah’s favors

I have not seen so much water before. It was pouring water on us this past Sunday. Back in 1999 when I had a big accident on the Taconic State Parkway, I thought that was a lot of water. But this one is a first of kind in my life. I was in my bed while the local channel showed how people are suffering from a flooded basements, cars half covered by water, or stuff floating in ground floor apartments. I used to get so upset when I see some water coming into my basement after a long day of rain. I still do. But I realized that I have a second and a third floor to live it. I realized that I can easily remove the water using a vacuum machine. I realized that I have electricity, heat, and water. I realized that my car is just a little wet from the rain. All that where others in very neighboring cities have to be moved to shelters until the emergency crews get the water out of their houses and restore electricity. Only then they can go back to their homes, and they will have to live a couple of weeks cleaning and drying what is remaining from their stuff. I realized that the best way to see Allah’s blessings on us is to look at others who would hope to be in our place. Every one is abundantly blessed. It is we who fail to see these blessings. “وكان الإنسان كفورا”


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