The Devil Abandons His Followers

On a nice Saturday morning when Moaz and I woke up early, we had a nice time reviewing Quraan. He helped me to review Surat Sad, while I helped him to review Surat Al-Hashr. In both Suras, there were mentions for the story of the Shaitan, the devil. In Sad, the story of creating Adam was briefly mentioned during which the Devil made an oath that he will lead humans astray. And verily he is working so hard to achieve his goal. Allah Ta3ala promised that he will fill the Hellfire with the Devil and those who follow him. When they all get in, the devil is going to give his famous speech abandoning his followers telling them simply: “it is all your fault.” When we moved to Surat Al-Hashr, Moaz recited a verse that echoes the same meaning: the Devil leads people astray and then abandon them.

We seek refuge by Allah from the whisper of the devil and his plots, Amin!

You might wonder whether Moaz and I do this every Saturday. The answer is absolutely ‘no.’ He woke up so early today only because he is very excited to go to his first soccer practice.



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